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It's what sets the SmartClient platform apart

Get the SmartClient Advantage

1.Mature, proven technology

A successful proof of concept can be completed in any number of technologies. Delivering the final application requires hundreds of details to be exactly right, requires that a platform scales in complexity and user load, and requires a robust platform that doesn't collapse or leak memory in production.

The SmartClient Platform has been shipping as an embedded technology in our customers' products since 2002. Rather than success with narrow usage in internal applications, SmartClient has provided the entirety of the interface of major enterprise products.

No other technology can claim a track record like Platform. When the leader is clear and the leader is affordable, why settle for something second-rate?

Mature, proven technology
Mature, proven technology

2.HTML5 beyond Widgets

Enterprises that think of HTML5 as just "UI widgets" get into trouble quickly - we know, because our consulting team routinely rescues projects that failed to take into account the breadth of impact of HTML5 on application architecture.

The SmartClient Platform extends far beyond mere UI widgets, providing a comprehensive data binding architecture, a powerful cross-browser toolset, metadata management that radically reduces duplication and complexity, and an optional Java-based server for accelerated integration with popular Java frameworks.

Start with our platform, master the architecture and understand what an HTML5 platform should deliver - then you'll see there's simply no comparison.

3.Stable Platform

Many HTML5 frameworks routinely break with new browser releases as browser vendors introduce minor bugs in fringe functionality. With browser releases increasingly automatic and unavoidable, this means unacceptable production downtime.

The SmartClient Platform is designed to rely on only the core functionality of browsers - functionality so basic that breaking it would break half the web - to prevent exactly this issue. Our track record proves it: versions of our technology released in 2003 continue to run unmodified at Fortune 500 sites, having survived the IE7 and Firefox 2.0 upgrades without issues.

Most other HTML5 frameworks have dropped backwards compatibility with major new releases, sometimes multiple times. When it comes to the rapidly shifting web platform, only a mature organization with a real design process can produce software that you can safely put into production.

Mature, proven technology

No cross-browser testing and debugging

If it works in Firefox and doesn't work in Safari, that's our problem, not your problem. A unique advantage of the SmartClient technology is the ability to fully shield your developers from cross-browser issues and debugging. This depends on 5 key areas:

  • Comprehensive, extensible component model

    The SmartClient Platform has all of the components necessary for building complete applications and provides the ability to build custom components without requiring HTML5 expertise.

  • Simplified skinning & branding

    Our Platform's approach to skinning requires only rudimentary knowledge of page styling, sufficient to set colors and fonts. Even when deeply customizing look and feel, you don't have to deal with browser layout inconsistencies.

  • Cross-browser tools

    The SmartClient Platform provides a uniform set of tools and diagnostics across all platforms. Developers learn a single toolset, and can communicate about issues without confusion.

  • Clearly documented boundaries

    Cross-browser safe functionality is useless if it is provided alongside unsafe facilities and your developers can't tell the difference. Our Platform provides access to low-level HTML5 when necessary for legacy reasons, always clearly marked and with more modern approaches discussed, ensuring that cross-browser issues are never inadvertently introduced.

  • Application-oriented, not browser-oriented

    Frameworks that provide a thin wrapper over low-level HTML5 facilities can't protect you from the worst and most pernicious of browser issues, such as timing-dependent bugs and memory leaks. Application-oriented APIs give the SmartClient Platform the flexibility to internally use whatever approach works best in each browser.

Countless Java, C# and PHP developers have picked up the SmartClient Platform and built applications without help from Isomorphic. Do you want to deliver an application or futz with the browser? Go with SmartClient and leave "HTML5 gurus" in the dust.

Complete solution

  • The SmartClient Platform delivers a set of extensible UI components which manage presentation automatically, and provide uniform appearance and behavior on all supported browsers.
  • Using standard object-oriented approaches, you can extend, customize and create new components without ever learning low-level HTML5 techniques or doing cross-browser testing and debugging.
  • This capability exists both for Smart GWT applications written in Java, and for SmartClient applications written in JavaScript. In JavaScript, SmartClient provides a true class system, enabling clean encapsulation, Java-like inheritance, calls to superclass methods and other standard object-oriented programming features.