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Isomorphic Software provides the most mature, technically advanced platform for building rich, high-productivity enterprise applications. Our platform supports sister products for selection based on your available skillsets.

  • Smart GWT

    Best for building high-productivity enterprise applications - for use with any device - with UI written in Java

    Smart GWT product
    • Use existing skills and standard Java IDEs to write modern, high-productivity web applications
    • Build faster and better with the richest, broadest UI component set available
    • Java code runs as JavaScript in the browser, so UI responds instantly
  • SmartClient

    Best for developing high-productivity enterprise applications in javascript for use with any device.

    SmartClient product
    • Develop complex high-productivity web applications on pure web standards
    • Build faster and better with the richest, broadest UI component set available
    • Provide scalability & responsiveness with data services that eliminate redundant server trips
  • Reify

    Best for visually designing powerful, mobile-adaptive enterprise applications in a collaborative cloud-based tool.

    • Reify is the low code platform built on top of SmartClient and Smart GWT
    • Reify is easy to use; Non-developers can build real, functional screens without writing any code
    • Reify screens integrate easily into SmartClient & Smart GWT applications and can be further customized using the those platforms for use cases that go beyond the tool.