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Smart GWT Combines the industry's richest set of GWT UI components with a Java server framework to provide an end-to-end solution for building business web applications.


Build high-productivity enterprise applications - for use on any device - with the skills you have today

All the Power of True HTML5

Using the power of Google Web Toolkit (GWT), you can build a cutting edge HTML5 UI in standard Java. Because your Java code runs as JavaScript inside the browser, you can easily build high-productivity UIs that respond instantly to users, and eliminate the incessant server round-trips typical of server-centric technologies like JSF, ZK, or Vaadin.

Mobile Adaptation is built in

Mobile Adaptation is built in

Other "multi-device" technologies actually require writing an entirely separate mobile UI with a different set of components. SmartGWT is different. Even if you know nothing about mobile development, your Smart GWT application supports mobile. Device-aware components automatically switch appearance and behavior to best suit the size of the device, and to provide a better experience for touch screens. Finger taps and gestures arrive as normal mouse events, so your event handlers just work - users can even trigger context menus and hovers via touch-and-hold, and drag and drop via finger slides.

Want more control? Gesture & orientation change events, as well as native functions like phone dialing are all there to let you fully tune the mobile experience.

Enterprise Grade UI Components

Smart GWT delivers the broadest and deepest set of UI components available. Our amazing grid components have out-of-the-box support for everything a true enterprise-grade application needs: users can edit inline, freeze columns, sort by multiple columns, group-by-value, expand rows, auto-fit, filter inline, add formula columns, add highlighting rules, export, make charts — and that's just grids!

Enterprise Grade UI Components

Use the Tools You Know

Smart GWT works with popular Java IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ and NetBeans, and offers a development model that is familiar to any Java developer who has worked with Swing, AWT or other popular Java UI frameworks. Code assist, step-through debugging, automated refactoring — everything you rely on for Java development works just like you're used to.

Deep Server Integration

  • Smart GWT's extensive server-side components take you well beyond mere widgets, providing a complete RIA framework. Stop hand-assembling forms and grids: Smart GWT lets you generate a default UI dynamically, directly from your server-side data model, then customize any part of it without losing auto-generation.
  • Keep client and server behavior in sync by driving validation and security rules from a single, declarative definition. Built in connectors for JPA/Hibernate, Spring and SQL ensure that you write business logic instead of boilerplate code, and make it easy to build screens with advanced master-detail editing and transactional drag and drop.
Deep Server Integration

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