No compromise Vue Applications

Get the most powerful and complete UI component set for Vue. Period.

Data Grids

SmartClient data grids basically provide excel in your web browser. Feature-packed, highly innovative, and the best quality available.

  • Inline edit
  • Grouping
  • Summaries
  • PDf export
  • Advanced filters
  • Formula columns


SmartClient provides interactive, high-performance chart components to visualize your data in your Vue application.

  • Area, column, radar & numerous other types
  • Update data, position, and facets on the fly
  • Export & share PDF reports with data grids and charts
OLAP Cube Grids

Want a pivot table inside your Vue App? Yup. We've got it!

  • OLAP functionality in a single component
  • Instant access to multi-dimensional data
  • Slice, dice & pivot

SmartClient delivers so much more than UI Components

SmartClient components are awesome, but really just the tip of the iceberg. For example, SmartClient's deep server integration and data binding capabilities bring not only faster development and maintenance, but even more powerful features such as nested filtering.

Deep Server Integration

Deep Server Integration

Data Binding

Data Binding